Dropland Recordings is a electronic music label based in Barcelona and Ibiza, specialised in psytrance and all its styles. Home of
EX-GEN, SMASHED, DOMI PASTOR, CREACTIVE, M.A.D, REMOVE, Z-CAT, A-MUSH, JHESHA, AUM PROJECT, WIRED, X-AVENGER, BRAIN DRIVER, THE DARKFACE, THE CONCEPT NEMESIS, OUTER CONNECTION, ASHNAIA, D-UNIT, PURPLE SALAD, NANUK, LIXX, GUAPA LEE, IVOLUSION, TAMIRIS, MISTIK, SIOHM, SAYLBACK, J-XTORSION, ARCHIVE, PSYTOTIX, ZAKA vs FLAVOR-X, DUMI, ELELA, JAIMA... The young label now stablished with more than 40 releases, lately is blasting the charts @ Beatport or JunoDownload, and a have huge collection of tracks including artists such us Absolum, Zinx,, Outer Signal, Terraformers, Darkshiva, Mesmerizer, Sinful Reactions, Earworm, Poizon, Geko, The Clones, Etnarama, Lupin, Magneto, Z3ro.


As party promoter, we have made almost 100 events in Barcelona area, indoor, club and open air since our outbreak in the summer of 2008. Since then, we have managed or take part on events in clubs, such as La Cova, Row14, Pacha Sitges or El Cel Beach (Tarragona), just to name a few ones. We also took part in some festivals: Electrofaro 08, FM L'Arboç 08/09, Electroasis 09, Summertech 08/09 and FM Bellvei 08/09. In our events, we have counted with a wide range of artists from worldwide like Absolum (Fr.), Talamasca (Fr.), Electric Universe (Ger), U-Recken (Isr), Lost & Found (S.A.), Juno Reactor dj (UK.), GMS (Ibz.), Electrypnose (Sw.), Painkiller (Isr.), Khopat (Pt)., Karash (Sw.), Ajja (Sw,), Shiva Joerg (Ger.), Mekkanikka (Sw.), Ankur (Ger.), Compressor (U.K.), E-Jekt (Isr.), and many others. Of course, in all our events, we count with a lot of live acts and dj's in our country coming from other labels and crews helping us to spread a little bit more the trance music. We want to thank all the people who have supported us through these time and, also, to all those that have been involved in our work. Thank you very much.