Catalog: DROP062
Release Name
: Arabic Melody EP
Artist: C.P.U.
Label: Dropland Recordings
Type: Digital Wav/MP3

- #8 TOP100 Psytrance Releases Beatport (April 23)
- #Featured on Main Page
- "Tzolkin Project Rmx" inside the chart
    Best New Psytrance by Beatport

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Release Info:

We are delighted and proud to have this release on the label of the drops. The famous audio master Samy Guediche aka C.P.U. bring us one of the most personal and musical tunes we heard in years, full of ethnic atmosphere, solid beats and enormous doses of psychedelia and energy that will be transformed into smiles and people dancing on the wildest dance floors. The track was something special and we know it, so we look for some of the best artists in the world, each one really respected on their subgenres bringing new color & exotic spices to this release, with the master of Israeli full-on Atomic Pulse famous audio surgeon this time working together with The Creator and Bukara that adds extra energy on the tune, the warriors of the night full-on and head managers of Dropland Rec and 3D Vision, Ex-Gen, the fast and strongest power comes by the Mexican explosive duo Tzolkin Project and their great skill productions, the mythical goa psytrance vibes are ready to serve by the killer remix by the Barcelona auditive shaman Hypnoxock. The last one is done by the lusitan producer Arcadia, one of the freshest and psychedelic artists who is now making huge noise from Portugal to the world.

01 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody / 
Original Mix / 140 BPM / xx / 8:14
02 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody /
Atomic Pulse feat The Creator & Bukara Remix / 140 BPM / xx / 9:22

03 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody /
Ex-Gen Remix / 147 BPM / xx / 7:20

04 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody /
Tzolkin Project Remix / 180 BPM / xx / 6:05

05 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody /
Hypnoxock Remix / 140 BPM / xx / 8:22

06 : C.P.U. / Arabic Melody /
Arkadia Remix / 140 BPM / xx / 6:39
Original track has been written and produced by:
Sami Guediche

Mastered by :
German Martinez at MixAudio

Cover and graphics by:
Senbonzakura Graphic Studio
(Tarragona, Spain)