Catalog: DROPVA002
V.A Drop Your Fears
Selected by Aum Project and Nanuk
Label: Dropland Recordings
Type: Digital Wav/MP3

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Release Info:

Drop Your Fears is the new and fresh compilation selected by Aum Project & Nanuk, label managers of the spanish label Dropland Recordings. This psychedelic trip contains nine superb songs ready to explode on your ears. As the label itself, this release it's been made for showing you a very carefully selection that is not hooked to only one of the subgenres of the psytrance. So, we gathered gems that drives the soul to places were diferent emotions can be felt on a journey of sound that contains a wide spectrum of frequencies and tones. We will fullfill your body and brain with sound waves specially created for you to make you vibe and dance. We have been researching for special audio material of some friends around the globe that gather stablished Psytrance uperheroes and a new generation of fresh blood that will lead this music to the future, such as the famous Brainwash from Portugal. Russian explosive combo Spatial Plants with his deep psychedelic beats or the mexican army with the hyped duo Goblin-X and Giovewave, the never ending power from Roby and the strong grooves of The Concept Nemesis. Biggest representation comes from Spain, with the fresh and always surprising OwnTrip's music. Ethno side is covered by two tracks one crafted by Aum Project and the other by the stunning new band Kreaminals. Of course, there is a new tune from the son from the white island, the always resolutive Creactive. Enjoy and Drop Your Fears!

01 : Giovewave, Goblin-X / Dropflow / 
Original Mix / 148 BPM / Cmin / 5:21
02 : Spatial Plants / Space Energy /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Fmaj / 6:45
03 : Brainwash / Extraterracial Race /
Original Mix / 146 BPM / Dmin / 7:26
04 : Roby, The Concept Nemesis / Perversity /
Original Mix / 147 BPM / Gmin / 7:09
05 : The Concept Nemesis / Twelve Moons /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Fmaj / 7:26
06 : Owntrip / We Are Going for You /
Original Mix / 143 BPM / Amaj / 7:07

07 :
Creactive / Electricspace /
Original Mix / 144 BPM / Gmaj / 7:34
08 : Aum Project / Shivam /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Fmin / 8:14
09 : Kreaminals / Parlati /
Original Mix / 143 BPM / Gmaj / 8:36

Mastered by :
Domi Pastor at Silence Fields Studio
(Ibiza, Spain)

Cover and graphics by:
Senbonzakura Graphic Studio
(Tarragona, Spain)