Catalog: DROP051
Release Name
: Beyond All Dimensions (Album)
Artist: Z-Cat
Label: Dropland Recordings
Type: Digital Wav/MP3

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Release Info:

Yana Kramich aka Z-Cat needs no presentation. She is the "queen of drops" and one of the leading artists in the russian psychedelic scene, with huge success globally and a growing list of fans of her psychedelic nighttime sound. Now strikes back again with a new brand album called "Beyond All Dimensions". This release includes eight piece of art tracks that will delight all the psychedelic music lovers. This album represents one step beyond for Yana getting into the roots of psytrance music and her own night sound influence, too. Blended it all together, after months of hard work in the studio and gigs all around the globe, she was able to bring her music to another dimension. In this long process, the russian audio scientist counted with the collaboration of some killer artists. From sunny Mexico joined forces with the visionary warrior Luis Cruz aka X-Side on a energetic tune, another one with the sophisticated mad doctor Fernando Ventura aka X-Avenger, and from Russia an astonishing colab with Stan Tin. You can expect nothing heard before from Z-Cat on this album. These eight tracks are carefully crafted to make everyone move on the dancefloor. We are sure this album is going to take you to "Beyond All Dimensions".

01 : Z-Cat / Be4yond All Dimensions / 
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Amaj / 8:00
02 : Z-Cat / Cristal Cat /
Original Mix / 147 BPM / Fmaj / 6:35

03 : Z-Cat, X-Avenger / Levitation /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Gmaj / 7:56

04 : Z-Cat, X-Side / Comes Light /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Gmaj / 7:24

05 : Z-Cat / Doors on a Dream /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Bmaj / 7:40

06 : Z-Cat / Digitale /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Fmaj / 7:07

07 : Z-Cat / White Dragon /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Gmin / 7:31

08 : Z-Cat, Stan Tin / Mikaelle /
Original Mix / 137 BPM / Bmaj / 6:21

All tracks has been written and produced by:
Yanna Kramich Except 03 with Fernando Ventura,
04 with Luis Cruz

Mastered by :
German Martinez at MixAudio Studio

Cover and graphics by:
Senbonzakura Graphic Studio
(Tarragona, Spain)