Catalog: DROP022
Release Name
: Ecliptic EP
Artist: Creactive
Label: Dropland Recordings
Type: Digital Wav/MP3

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Release Info:

Ecliptic EP is the chosen name for the brand new work accomplished by the well-known ibiza artist Creactive, one of the most active and talented producers from our label. Always in the mood of the avant-garde of psytrance and full-on music, through the years, he has acquired enough skills to be in the top class of production, always searching and founding out new leads and grooves with the aim to create the perfect feeling on the audience.This time he comes with two hi-energy power tracks what really make the perfect definition about his style. This pack includes a solo track called " Made in Ibiza ", and a collaboration track called " Full Program " produced together with Profound, another talented artist from The White Island.
This release is part of our new series under the name of " White Label ", which will focus on the more "lighty", melodic and groovy side of Psytrance.

01 : Creactive / Made in Ibiza / 
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Gmaj / 7:55
02 : Creactive, Julian / Full Program /
Original Mix / 145 BPM / Emaj / 7:51

All tracks has been written and produced by:
Dario Rosati

Mastered by :
Domi Pastor at Silence Fields Studio
(Ibiza, Spain)

Cover and graphics by:
Senbonzakura Graphic Studio
(Tarragona, Spain)